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Food is not white, in the kitchen and the kitchen on the food, but the subtleties. We throw parties of dishes from all over the world. That is, only when you have food in your country, its natural habitat if you want to that experienced the really real feeling. In many cultures, food is a way to collect. It brings families and friends for banquets and celebrations, Potlucks. In recent years, a variety of new dishes. Many cities now have spread to every corner of the world cuisines.

1.Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

It is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Thai food is different from Chinese food, most of us know and love. While both use very similar ingredients, Thai food with more pasta dishes, fresh herbs and broth. Unlike the Chinese are too many Thai dishes, with vegetables in a thick especially rich source. The most important flavours of Thai cuisine, hot, bitter, sour and sweet. Thai food has grown in popularity over the last decade. Hands down, the most popular dish, Pad Thai. Truly authentic Thai cuisine, you step from the main pad Thai and cooking broth and noodles, that the food is so delicious. The kitchen is focused on a lot of grass and a variety of flavours: sweet, sour, spicy and times. It focuses on fresh herbs so that they will always live in the kitchen to taste.

2.French Cuisine

French CuisineFrench cuisine was one of the first in the finest cuisine in the world, which went beyond their country of origin. Today, many chefs trained in the classic French. Denmark French cuisine, from hearty, rustic-the most beautiful and “Michelin” Star style. Denmark is French cuisine with bread, wine and cheese. Say Oui to French cuisine! A 5-star chef is in the kitchen. Batoną, French cheese and chocolate used on the delicious food. Of course French meal complete without wine! Although the aim of the chocolate, cheese and bread French remain extremely thin.

3.Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food is probably the most unique kitchen. Many dishes are not only feeding the ingredients from other countries. Denmark Japanese cuisine is based on carefully prepared with fresh ingredients. Seasonal, is also an important factor in the Japanese kitchen. Traditional Japanese cuisine is rich in fruits and vegetables, which are struggling with cancer. Awesome Japanese videos are green tea health, enriched with antioxidants, vegetables rich in calcium, such as Yam, Bok Choy. It contains iodine, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, (a good source of potassium, copper, iron, and folic acid). Miso soup, which is usually pure tofu vegetable stir-fry, tofu and seaweed, is a healthy choice.

4.Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

The summary task, Indian cuisine, due to the country’s many regional varieties are made with certain parts of the vast country is strictly vegetarian. A great thread of Indian food is to complex seasoning blend for maximum flavour. In addition, the Indians have a very sweet taste and sweet treats to mark all occasions. There is plenty of catering culture of Indian Street. Be careful what you eat, try local dishes. Many tourists believe that the stomach of pig iron, which is needed to survive the Indian food. India is one of the most populated countries in the world.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is very diverse, with so many people around the country. Curry is a traditional cuisine, Indian cuisine, however, is not limited only to Curry. There are several regional, vegetarian and Ayurvedic medical traditions are commonly used to prepare the food. In India, any kind of sweet spicy hot and spicy foods, visitors. Even better a nation, where stands the millions of street food. These stations, visitors can try out unique treats for a very reasonable price.

5.Korean Cuisine

Korean Cuisine

Most of the food of Asia world consists of rice and Korean cuisine is no different. Serves Korean rice with meat, fish and vegetables. Kimchi is the most popular dish, and many families, they allow you to enjoy at every meal. Kimchi is cabbage with herbs and vinegar clay pots, mixed and allowed to ferment. Many people try kimchi and always gives Korean food, but the kitchen is not only kimchi. If you haven’t had this kimchi dish, sauerkraut is mixed with vinegar and spices. Korean food as a common dish, rice, meat, fish and vegetables of the body. Has a unique taste that seems to love or hate.

6.Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

Spain belongs to the European countries, where the kitchen is not homogeneous. Spain, defined in the kitchen. Spanish food in General, not to many extremely wide range of seafood, venison, lamb and beef up along the coast. The most famous Spanish cuisine is probably the tapas, delectable treats, which consists of a complex of flavours. Spanish cuisine is unusual because of only spices. Instead of hidden in a dish of cumin, paprika, and pepper to taste, uses only herbal mixtures in accordance with the natural taste of the food. Because of its location along the coast of Spanish cuisine is a strong emphasis on fish and seafood. The famous Cafes and Restaurants in Spain offer tapas or pushing. Food can be basically anything and only a few euros.

7.German Cuisine

German Cuisine

Denmark German food is not the best reputation; Most people, as soon as the potatoes and sausages; However, there are some regional differences. Meat is the basis of German food, and all kinds of sausage are puzzling. The sausage is great, and so is the cheese. Rye bread, these potatoes are common, along with of course. German  Cuisine is known for its delicious dishes. Visitors can expect restaurant Spatzl (potatoes), rich types of bread, cheese and sausage. In fact, this country is known for its many delicious beers. Surrounded by world kitchen, Italy, Germany, Spain and France have not received due attention in.

8.Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Health and hearty serves traditional Italian cuisine, that consists of ingredients such as olive oil, basil, parsley, tomatoes and garlic. An Italian diet is also famous for its heart. Italian restaurants in the world almost always look good. All meal is commonly found in a similar way in every region. It will start with Antipasto or appetizer from the menu. Diners Club use, and then primo pasta or the course consists of rice. The second course is just meat. To complete the last full course is dolce or dessert.

9.South African Cuisine

South African Cuisine

The people of South Africa as food the country is culturally diverse, electricity, charismatic, alive and healthy. Every culture has drawn an independent South African menu. Love connects South Africa food in your country. Boerekos, spicy Malay and Grill meat roasted on an open fire are all unique in the Republic of South Africa.

10.Australian Cuisine

Australian Cuisine

Trying to define the Australian and this is not, in fact, one of the best food in the world; but very interesting. Australian cuisine is a perfect combination of all migrants in the country from the Republic of Poland; mix with the UK and Eastern Europe, and in recent days, with heavy Asian.

11.Scottish Cuisine

Scottish Cuisine

The food is warm than in many places in Scotland, and regional products are the main ingredients. Deer meat, fruit, raspberry and the game becomes the major components. Forget not pancakes with oat flour, oatmeal, savivartė, haggis and shortbread.



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